Eric Scott Waite Home is the name you can trust for all your residential interior design and architectural needs.


With certified, experienced, and skillful interior designers and architects from Canada and abroad, you can have the confidence that your home’s design will be one straight out of your dreams.


Eric Scott Waite Home is composed of hundreds of interior designers who are always up to date with the best and newest trends in modern home building designs. On top of that, we also have reputable, highly esteemed architects who are knowledgeable with the latest advancements when it comes to home building.


Since our interior designers and architects are well-versed with the latest trends here and abroad, we can offer you a unique and one-of-a-kind line of home designs to make your dream house even better.


Portfolios of the homes Eric Scott Waite Home has built over the years are available upon request. We are also open to providing references of happy homeowners we have done business with in the past.


Dial our number and make a reservation to discuss with one of our interior designers or architects. We are reachable from 9 to 5, Mondays thru Fridays. Alternatively, you may drop by our Vancouver office during business hours.