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Going for a Minimalist Home Design

The latest trend in painting is a more minimalist approach. Going minimalist has been a trend for many years now. As a matter of fact, being minimalist isn’t just restricted to painting, designing or styling a home – some people actually adapt to having a minimalist lifestyle. The painters in Surrey have been doing this for many years. 

Home Design

Having a minimalist home design means getting rid of unnecessary things or items in your home and sticking to a style that looks neat, clean, and organized. Being minimalist calls for a lot of decluttering and simple painting styles.


Minimalist homes possess a certain beauty to them because of their simplicity. Minimalist designs are proof that you don’t always need a bunch of luxurious items for your home to look beautiful and expensive. Countless minimalist homes look sophisticated and elegant.


Here are some tips you can try to achieve a minimalist design for your home.

  • Paint your walls with neutral shades. Bold and loud colors can easily go against the minimalist style because they can go against the clean, open, and bright look the minimalist style is trying to achieve. Look for experienced and subtle painter such as these painters in Surrey, BC. 
  • Get rid of excessive wall decorations. Being minimalist means less is more. Instead of hanging many beautiful wall decorations or paintings, choose one piece of gorgeous artwork that’s not loud and let it be the focal point of your room.
  • Remove clutter on your tables or countertops. Again, minimalist means less clutter. So remove those magazines and figurines on your table. If you have important items you really need to keep, then at least keep them out of sight. Get a drawer where you can keep all the items so they are not scattered everywhere.
  • Lighting plays a great role in minimalist design. You want your home to look bright, so invest in high-quality lighting to brighten up your room.
  • Choose pieces of furniture that are uniform in color and have plain designs. Steer clear of loud prints and multi-colored furniture pieces.